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Painting Prices ::
  • These are INTERIOR costs.. (Exterior residential repaints require an in person estimate. Obviously there are too many variables in building materials and things like paint scraping that hinder our ability to give you much insight on this in a simple page.)

  • Paint costs anywhere from $15-$55 or more a gallon, depending on the quality and brand.

  • Paint covers about 300 square feet of surface area. Some cans
    will say 400 but this is an average. We've had textured surfaces eat up as much a gallon per 100 square feet. This is only typical for textured surfaces. You can calculate the cost per gallon based on these numbers.

  • For an average we'll take a 1,500-square-foot home. We commonly get calls for over the phone estimates in this square footage range. For a project of this nature supplies usually run $200-$300 for average paint, and $400-$600 for higher quality.This gives you an average type total of around $1,000-2,000 for the whole project.

  • On a per room job it is usually best to try to wait till you have multiple rooms because there is a day charge for one painter of $200. Even if it is a 4 hour job we have to schedule it in and send someone out. We'd actually be spending money otherwise. This is the only way we can accept small jobs.

  • There are various materials such as roller covers etc usually covered in this cost. Decorative finishes are higher.

  • If you have a larger room, very high ceilings, require scaffolding or excessive ladder work prices may start falling in the higher ranges.

  • The price may also vary with the number of doors, windows, and trim. This includes crown molding, fireplace mantles, cabinetry etc.

  • Something to watch out for.. When people quote you lower prices than these you are probably not dealing with a professional or they are determining their prices based on square feet of a floor plan... not the square footage of the actual surface area that needs to be painted. You will of course get a dramatically different price. You run the risk of having the price change on you dramatically in which case they've totally wasted your time and you'll have to turn right around and find someone else again.

  • Another thing to consider. If someone quotes you prices that are substantially cheaper than this you should worry. This means that you have a desperate painter. This isn't always bad.. you have to judge for yourself. But desperate people do desperate things. Just be careful.

How to calculate square footage of surface area that needs to be painted. We'll just use one wall because that makes it fairly simple. The formula is Height x Width divided by coverage.


Example: 14 × 20 = 280 square feet with paint covering 300 sft per gallon you'll obviously need 1 gallon of paint.


Add up all your walls and ceilings and you can determine the amount of paint you'll need. Pick a paint and you can determine your paint cost fairly accurately.


Of course these are rough price estimates based on standard rooms and standard residential painting. Commercial painting is usually slightly higher. (one missconception is that buying the paint yourself will save you money. We have contractor discounts at all major paint distributors.. if you're paying retail then you're typically paying more for cheap paint. Not good.)


Hopefully this answers the majority of questions about pricing. We understand that many people are shopping around and planning for the future but it's tough for us to give hard estimates without seeing the project. This should however give you a good start on planning your budget. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to send us an email.


Thanks! And we look forward to hearing from you!


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